How Much Money Do You Get For 1 Million YouTube Views?

If you’re wondering how much money you can make on YouTube, there are a few different factors to consider. The number of YouTube views you earn is directly related to your target country and the category of your videos. You can also choose to have Adsense payments based on clicks rather than views. This will make you earn more money than if you were to have a flat rate of payment.

YouTube payout per view depends on the target country

The average YouTube payout per click is $0.10, with higher amounts being paid if more viewers click on the ad. However, this figure varies depending on the country you are targeting and the content you create. YouTube pays you a small amount for every thousand views if you are targeting Tier 1 countries, which can earn you $15000 or more. This figure is calculated using a formula that takes into account the country’s purchasing power and the amount of time spent on your video.

YouTube’s CPM varies depending on the country and season. In general, high-quality videos are more likely to earn higher payouts than low-quality videos. Nevertheless, there are some topics and themes that are more likely to earn you hundreds of thousands of views. Finance and IT videos typically generate higher payouts than general and pop culture videos, news, and music videos tend to draw more viewers than general categories.

Adsense payments based on clicks pay more money

If you have one million YouTube views, you should probably be earning at least $10 per thousand views. However, it is possible to earn much more than that. If you’re interested in monetizing your website, AdSense can help you do just that. AdSense payments are based on how many times your visitors click on the advertisements. Every time a visitor clicks on an advertisement, you get a small commission, which ranges from $0.20 to $15. When you reach $100 in earnings, you’ll get a monthly check from Google.

The amount you can make depends on several factors. One of the most important is your audience. If you have a video with 100 million views, you can earn more than $30 million. This is possible because YouTube pays around $0.12 per view. With this kind of revenue, you could become a full-time income. You’d have to work hard and dedicate yourself to your audience.

YouTube payout per view depends on the category of your videos

The YouTube payout per view varies from video to video, but generally, the average amount is three to five cents per thousand views. The rate depends on the category of the video, as well as how long it has been on the site. A video that has less than 1,000 YouTube views will not make you any money. To find out how much you could make, check the “Estimated Monetized Playbacks” section of your YouTube account, which will show you how many videos are showing advertisements.

The higher your CPM, the higher your revenue potential. However, you must remember that your CPM depends on several factors, including the category of the video, geographical location, and the age of the audience. Also, you should consider the popularity of the topic, as popular videos can earn you more money. If the topic of the video is not popular, you can choose other categories for it. You should also consider your target audience, as some categories are less profitable than others.

YouTube Premium allows you to increase your ad revenue

If you are a creator of YouTube videos, you may be wondering how you can increase your ad revenue for 1 million views. YouTube Premium is a program that will allow you to monetize your videos. The program includes ad-free views, no ads, and YouTube original trailers. In return, YouTube will share a portion of the ad revenue with you. You may be interested in signing up for a free trial to learn more about how this program works.

The ad revenue on YouTube depends on several factors, such as the category and length of the video. Depending on the type of video you create, you can earn a lot of money. A popular YouTube creator is Latasha James, who has over 118k subscribers. She earns over $600 per video, and this income is a significant portion of her total earnings.


To make money from YouTube you should first focus on getting enough traffic. There are plenty of ways to do that. You should focus on uploading quality content, you should interact with people who watch your videos, alternatively, you can buy YouTube views, you can promote your videos using Social Media or Google Ads, etc. What matters, is dedication and hard work. If you have these two, surely your channel is going to be successful.