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Buy YouTube comments starting from $7. We offer the most customized comments in the market.
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Male or Female Comments


for 10 comments

Choose the gender of the accounts that will comment on your video!

  • Delivery: 12-24 Hours

  • Lifetime Refill Guarantee

  • Custom Comments

  • 7 Different Languages

  • Non-Drop

  • Max: 200 Comments

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Mixed YouTube Comments


for 20 comments

This is our basic package. Comments are suitable for any video!

  • Delivery: 12-24 Hours

  • Lifetime Refill Guarantee

  • Custom Comments

  • 7 Different Languages

  • Non-Drop

  • Max: 5,000 Comments

Slow Speed Comments


for 10 comments

Choose the timing yourself. 1 comment every 15 min, 30min, 1 hour or more.

  • Delivery: 15-72 Hours

  • Lifetime Refill Guarantee

  • Custom Comments

  • 7 Different Languages
  • Non-Drop

  • Max: 100 Comments



for 10 replies

Customized comment replies on any existing comment on your video.

  • Delivery: 12-24 Hours

  • Lifetime Refill Guarantee

  • Custom Replies

  • 7 Different Languages

  • Non-Drop

  • Max: 100 Replies

How to Buy YouTube Comments?

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How Does it Work?

We process the orders in three different steps. Learn how it works before you place your order.

What Are YouTube Comments?

The digital realm is filled with conversations; rapid, dynamic, and often overflowing with opinions. It’s in this lively world of online interactions where YouTube comments truly shine as a prominent centerpiece.

But what exactly are they? And why are they so crucial not only to content creators but also to marketers?

Essentially, YouTube comments emerge from the vibrant beehive of discourse located below every video on the platform. This user-generated text forms a crucial aspect of public conversation amongst viewers and creators alike.

They provide an open floor for all – beginners, intermittent viewers, or avid followers – allowing them to voice their thoughts, feelings, critiques, ideas, or even simple hellos. However simple these textual responses might appear though; they pack a powerful punch of invaluable information.

YouTube comments act like interactive spark plugs igniting discussions and relationships across the global platform. They offer precise intel on viewer sentiment about specific content – be it overwhelming applause or constructively critical remarks.

For content creators striving for virality – these short sentences coursing through digital veins can become necessary building blocks for learning more about their audience’s tastes: which jokes tickled laughter? Which moments sparked outrage? What resonated harmoniously?

More intriguingly for brand marketers like us who explore this untapped goldmine – each comment represents a treasure trove filled with unique insights into audience behavior relevant not just on YouTube but across other marketing channels. Tracking and analyzing these nuggets helps accommodate better strategic planning paving the way toward greater success rates.

Buy YouTube Comments

Why Do People Buy YouTube Comments?

In the contemporary digital sphere, visibility is king. One of the key avenues for securing this visibility? Interactivity.

With over 2 billion logged-in users each month, YouTube stands as a veritable titan in the world of video-sharing platforms. To truly resonate with your intended audience and achieve exponential growth on such a platform – engagement becomes crucial.

But why do people buy YouTube Comments?

1. Bolster Engagement:

User-generated comments are perceived as social proof that validates your video’s relevance. An upsurge in active dialogue about your content can foster greater engagement, ushering in additional views and shares.

2. Propel Ranking Algorithms:

The number and quality of comments on a video greatly influence its position in YouTube’s search engine results pages (SERPs). By buying high-quality comments that reflect viewer interaction, you enhance algorithmic recognition – thereby promoting ascension within SERPs.

3. Spur Organic Interaction:

When prospective viewers see rich commentary under your videos, it sparks their curiosity – enticing them to engage and join the conversation organically through likes, shares, or additional insightful remarks.

4. Shape Narrative & Perception:

Positive comments reflecting viewer appreciation can help fashion an affirmative narrative around your brand or service offering – cultivating familiarity and trust among potential patrons.

5. Reduce Time-Lag for Growth:

Media producers often face challenges growing an embryonic channel from scratch; it takes time to organically develop strong interaction rates from viewership traffic alone – buying quality comment support slashes this time frame significantly enabling swifter growth acceleration.

6. Open Doors for Better Advertising Opportunities:

High comment rates not only improve search ranking but also increase attractiveness to potential advertisers seeking active channels for their campaigns – thus expanding monetization prospects!

At YTcomments we understand these needs implicitly; offering premier marketing services designed specifically to nurture meaningful comment-rich environments tailored delightfully around our client’s unique objectives.

Unlock unexplored potential today! Elevate your strategic game plans with YTcomments – fostering the growth and influence your content truly deserves.

Buy YouTube Comments

Male or Female Comments – Service Explained

At YTcomments, we understand the distinct demographic nuances that contribute to a successful YouTube marketing strategy. Crafted on this understanding, we introduce our revolutionary service: “Male or Female YouTube Comments”.

This unique feature is the driving force behind personalizing and tailoring your audience interaction like never before.

The power of targeted communication cannot be understated in today’s competitive market. To tap into this vast potential, our service allows you to select the gender of comments you would desire when purchasing from us.

Whether your brand resonates more with males or females, this tailored feature empowers you to connect effectively with your chosen audience. Males and females often have divergent views about a specific product or service due to their respective life experiences and perspectives.

With “Male or Female YouTube Comments”, you get a strategic advantage by molding the conversation around your content in alignment with characteristics typical of the two genders.

Does your content cater more towards a sports arena primarily dominated by men? Tick on Male comments during purchase and see how it generates increased engagement within that specific audience group while reinforcing authenticity.

Or perhaps you specialize in beauty products more likely appreciated by female users? Then enable Female comments during checkout – watch as an organic discussion unfolds filled with insights unique from female perspectives.

This control over gender-specific conversation can become instrumental in promoting belief systems associated with your brand, product offerings, and overall reputation on YouTube’s colossal platform.

This control assures not just amplified customer interactions but also convinces potential customers about concrete user satisfaction revolving around both genders independently – thus supporting an inclusive branding route.

Moreover, at YTcomments we firmly believe that diversity fuels innovation – fostering broader understanding amidst varied user groups while ensuring all voices are valued and heard through our services.

Enjoy deeper engagement levels and trust-imbued interactions through “Male or Female YouTube Comments”.


What Are Mixed YouTube Comments?

Understanding the essence of an authentic and diverse dialogue can be crucial for maintaining a healthy engagement ratio on your YouTube channel. That’s where our “Mixed YouTube Comments” service steps in.

Acting as a vibrant digital salon, it provides your platform with comments from individuals around the world, ensuring maximal exposure and enhanced viewer interaction.

Our Mixed YouTube Comments service is not only affordable but remarkably diverse. It straddles multiple demographics bringing in perspectives from both female and male commenters from numerous continents – truly exemplifying the meaning of ‘worldwide’.

We appreciate how improving your brand’s online visibility can entail extensive efforts and hefty price tags. However, rest assured that budget constraints need not hinder your progress toward stellar engagement metrics anymore.

Our most cost-effective solution to date, this service stands out due to its remarkable affordability without compromising on quality or diversity of commentary action on your content’s sidelines.

The idea here is simple yet effective – more diversity means more points of view representing wider audiences thereby signifying widespread popularity without breaking the bank.

At YTComments, we are not just about providing comments; we aspire to build unforgettable narratives that emphasize the global importance of everyone’s voice being heard equally through cross-gendered opinions across geographical lines!


What Are Slow-Speed YouTube Comments?

Our newest innovation in YouTube comment distribution: Slow Speed YouTube Comments.

Focused on empowering our clients with ultimate control over the flow and pacing of discussions under their videos, this special feature is an impactful tool for creators keen on systematic audience engagement.

Understanding Slow-Speed YouTube Comments

Our slow-speed service offers an unconventional yet highly strategic approach that allows you to schedule your comments based on your preferred timeline. Whether you want a comment posted every 15 minutes, half-hourly, hourly, or even every two hours, we are here to meet those needs.

By imitating organic conversational cadence and the natural ebb and flow of interactions underneath a video’s content space, we make your page mimic real-life user behavior.


The slow-speed commenting methodology provides an immersive user experience by weaving discourse seamlessly into the fabric of your video conversation thread.

Thus viewers perceive these as authentic exchanges rather than machine-generated interaction – enhancing credibility and promoting increased viewer activity through perceived authenticity.


To utilize this feature isn’t overly complex. Simply choose the frequency at which you want the comments posted under your video after uploading it onto our platform.

Our system will then ensure these stipulated remarks roll out in real-time according to the established pattern till all comments have been exhausted without any manual intervention from you.


The primary payoff from adopting slow-speed commenting lies in its potential for sustained audience engagement over extended periods rather than creating sporadic buzzes of activity that die down quickly – thereby successfully simulating varying levels of interest or reactions that would typically be found with real users throughout different times during a day or night.

Fully customizable depending on what fits best within each specific strategy context; it allows for carefully planned long-term promotional activities while preventing sudden peaks and troughs in interactivity ratios underneath videos – contributing toward direct SEO benefits through perceived continual observational resonance amongst viewership circles.

On YTcomments.com we innovate continuously to make your YouTube marketing efforts more intriguing, personalized, and ultimately rewarding.

Slow Speed YouTube Comments is just one amongst our plethora of dynamic services that aim to drive transformative influence in aligning audience conversation with your video content strategy roadmap.


The Benefits of Buying YouTube Comments

In an age where engagement is the currency of digital marketing, comments on your YouTube content can be the catalyst for growth that you need.

At YTcomments, we understand this unmatched importance. Therefore, we proffer comprehensive services that include offering our clients genuine and high-quality YouTube comments – a game-changer in their online presence journey.

Here’s why buying YouTube comments from us is such a key strategy:

Boost Your Video’s SEO: The algorithm of YouTube favors videos with high engagement ratios. Consequently, when you increase your number of comments by purchasing them from YTcomments, you’re giving your content the push it needs to climb search rankings.

Active Community Creation: A video full of insightful and positive comments signals other visitors to join in the conversation too – it fosters an active community around your brand or channel.

Enhanced Online Visibility: More engaging videos on YouTube mean a higher click-through rate (CTR), which results in better visibility both within YouTube and Google searches.

Ecosystem Perception & Social Proof: Positive user-generated content is key for crafting social proof – showing new viewers that not only are people watching your videos but they’re also enjoying them enough to comment on and discuss them.

Increased Audience Reach: Our diverse network ensures that every purchased comment doesn’t just add verbiage; rather they represent different viewpoints adding value and sparking conversations capable of reaching wider audience segments.

Improvement Of Credibility & Popularity Indexes To Draw Collaborations And Sponsorships: More active engagements like comments paint a positive picture about credibility and affection commanded by channels/videos thereby attracting collaboration opportunities by leading brands/influencers or potential sponsorships offers; who wouldn’t want successful associations?

Yes! Buying authentic YouTube comments via our platform offers these invaluable benefits backed by quick delivery times plus secure transaction protocols reinforcing trust between us.


The Impact of YouTube Comments on Your Brand’s Reputation and Authority

The digital world is a mighty, modern pedestal for businesses. In this realm, YouTube stands as a powerful tool in shaping perception, authority, and reputation. At YTcomments, we understand that every interaction matters – not least of which are the comments beneath your videos.

Often overlooked yet incredibly impactful component: the torrent of dialogue that unfolds below each video – the YouTube comments section. These are more than mere strings of text; they’re public testimonials – potential goldmines or landmines for your brand’s image.

When it comes to safeguarding your reputation and bolstering authority; understanding, managing, and leveraging these comments becomes indispensable.

1. The Influence Magnet: Each comment is an engagement glint in your brand’s digital armor. They tell algorithms (and people) that you matter! More engagements amplify your clout; positive engagements shape perceptions and establish credibility.

2. Constructive Feedback Loop: Authentic consumer feedback offers invaluable insights into product performance or content effectiveness. It can both highlight areas requiring improvements and signify elements resonating well with audiences – priceless intel in shaping future strategies!

3. Trust Bridge Builder: Responding promptly to stemmed conversations carves an image of a committed, transparent entity – nurturing trust over time. Notice those brands rapidly responding to questions or complaints? That’s customer relationship management at its finest!

4. Through their breadth and depth such discussions may proliferate across threads influencing future viewers even before they’ve hit ‘play’.

5. The ripples generated by healthy interactions can scale beyond their origin; being shared on other platforms generating organic publicity thereby strengthening authority across mediums

Recognizing these facets YTcomments meticulously empowers you with curated marketing services to optimize this underrated platform feature enhancing its positive impacts or mitigating negative outcomes thus facilitating consistency alignment with broader branding strategy.


YouTube Viral Packages

YouTube Viral Packages are very unique and efficient promotional
services that include everything what YouTube algorithm loves.

YouTube Viral
Basic Package


The Basic package includes the following:

  • 20,000 Views from Ads

  • 100 Real Comments

  • 1,000 Video Likes

  • 35 Comment Replies

  • 350 Likes on Comments

  • Delivery: 24-72 hours

YouTube Viral
Standard Package


The Standard package includes the following:

  • 60,000 Views from Ads

  • 300 Real comments

  • 2,400 Video Likes

  • 80 Comment Replies

  • 850 Likes on Comments

  • Delivery: 48-72 hours

YouTube Viral
Premium Package


The Premium Package includes the following:

  • 100,000 Views from Ads

  • 600 Real Comments

  • 5,000 Video Likes

  • 100 Comment Replies

  • 2.5K Likes on Comments

  • Delivery: 3-5 Days

YouTube Viral
Gold Package


The Gold Package includes the following:

  • 500,000 Views from Ads

  • 1,000 Real Comments

  • 20,000 Video Likes

  • 300 Comment Replies

  • 7.5K Likes on Comments

  • Delivery: 5-10 Days

Frequently Asked Questions

CAN YOU BUY REAL YOUTUBE COMMENTS?2023-12-05T14:18:47+00:00

IS IT LEGAL TO BUY YOUTUBE COMMENTS?2023-12-05T14:07:44+00:00
It is legal but it also depends on the platform you purchase them. If you buy YouTube comments that come from real people, that is fine. But If you buy comments generated by different bots or software that is against YouTube policies.

No. We promote your video to real people and the comments are all genuine opinions. We don’t use any software to send comments.

It depends on the amount you purchase and the package you choose. Usually, comments are delivered within 24 hours after the order has been placed.

DO YOU OFFER CUSTOM COMMENTS?2023-12-05T14:09:44+00:00
Yes, all of our services have the option where you can add custom comments. If you don’t add anything then the comments will come from real people.

Yes, you can use emojis and symbols if you want. We support any sort of comments.

Comments work for normal videos and for shorts as well. Just make sure you add the right YouTube link.

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