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We do not sell any service that hasn’t been tested for at least 3 months before being listed on our website. We do offer a lifetime refill guarantee in case of any drop but only for numerous packages. Some packages do not have any guarantee at all because they are 100% real followers that can choose to unfollow anytime they want. We do not take any responsibility for the actions of these people. It is important that you read every information provided in the description of each package before ordering.

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What is The Importance of Instagram Followers?

Instagram is slowly becoming the most used Social Media platform in the world. There are so many ways to use the platform either for personal or for business use. Usually when you start out on this platform you will find difficulties finding the right people to socialize with. Also, if you’re using it for business purposes you might fight it hard to make clients at the beginning. Like every other Social Media platform you will need an audience to start with whatever you are planning to do. We at YTcomments have created our own platform to make it easier for you to grow your profile in no time. Having Followers means having people who will follow your journey whether you’re promoting yourself or your product. There are plenty of ways to grow your page but nearly 90% of them will take a lot of time and patience. We’ve developed a platform that will reduce the time and make everything faster for you. It doesn’t matter what your budget is we have cheap and expensive packages as well. Obviously, you get better results with more investment but we work for all kinds of projects!

Are There Organic Ways of Growing Your Channel?

Yes, there are many different paths you can follow to grow your page. But as we mentioned above, it requires a lot of time and patience. We will try to explain to you the options you have if you want to work by yourself with no help of third parties. The first method you want to consider is the Follow-Unfollow method. This is very old school method but it still works. All you have to do is follow as many people as you can and when they follow back you choose to unfollow them or keep them. That’s up to you! Another method is you can pay Facebook Ads to promote your page. You can choose the countries you want to target and customize the audience. This method is probably the most expensive one you can use but it’s all organic and real people. Something to keep in mind is that you will have to spend way more money than using our services where we also offer followers from Ads but different ads and not Facebook ones. It all depends on your budget and your preferred way of promoting your page! The most important thing is to be patient because it takes time.

Is Buying Instagram Services Safe?

It depends on where you buy those services. There are a lot of websites that offer high quality services but also poor-quality traffic sent by bots that could very easily harm your profile. You have to be very careful when buying these sorts of things online. As we have stated above, we only sell services that have been tested for at least 3 months before getting listed on our site. We do this to make sure that the services we sell to our clients are 100% safe and cannot present any harm to their profile or business. We mainly focus on sending these followers or likes in natural patterns and most of the time only real people who will follow your business or career for years. Even if you don’t want to order on our website at least make sure you are careful when ordering online. Do some research and see if the website is trustworthy. After you’ve done your research then and only then you can Buy Instagram Followers from that particular website you’ve been looking. Also, we’re very open to discuss our services on our Live Chat.

Can These Followers Drop After Some Time?

This is a hard question to answer. Mainly because there are different types of accounts that will follow you from our platform. The first and main followers are the ones that have a guarantee. Even if after sometime they drop, we will add them back for ever. This service has a lifetime refill guarantee. The other service, which offers only followers from ADS doesn’t have any guarantee because we cannot control the actions of real people. When people follow your account from the ADS we will run, they can unfollow even after a day or two if they don’t like your content. It depends on you as well, if you want to only have followers as numbers on your profile then you should go with the first option. If you want to slowly build a career then go for ADS and afterward take the risks of dropping if they don’t like your content after a while. Either way, you won’t be losing a lot because on both situations you’re some sort of a winner. A lot of people will be introduced to your work and your account but how long will they stay? It depends on what you choose.

Can These Services Harm My Profile?

Every time someone asks us this question, we kind of understand where it is coming from. It’s true that there has been a lot of propaganda about buying marketing services online, a lot of people claim that these methods can harm your social media profiles. There is some truth and there is some lies in that theory. If it would be so easy to harm profiles, a lot of people could use these services to harm other people. Just send traffic and see their profiles get closed? Well, it isn’t that easy. If you Buy Real Instagram Followers there is no chance that your profiles could be harmed in any way possible. But on the other hand, if you go and buy really cheap services and you do it continuesly for a long period of time then you should be careful. If your profile has growth with a non-natural pattern and has a number of followers that is inconsistent in terms of going up and down very often then Instagram could easly close your account because of suspicious activity. So, please be careful everytime you are trying to buy marketing services online. What we offer is 100% safe for your page.

How To Avoid Bad Instagram Services?

Finding the right marketing company for your needs is a little bit harder than most people think. There are different ways of promoting business but very easily you could end up getting scammed. How can you prevent it? Well, there are some things you should know when you’re looking for your next provider. The first thing to do is check if their website has enough information about the service you want to purchase. The second step is to look for a Live Chat on their site. A serious company always has agents ready to answer your questions. Try to have direct contact with people, ask as many questions as needed. Sometimes you can find if they are a serious platform by just talking to one of their agents. The last step to do is always have a backup account. Once you have the second account then you can Purchase Instagram Followers on your test profile and then see the quality they deliver to that profile. If the quality is good then you go on and buy on a bigger quantity for your main page. So keep this in mind for your future purchases on marketing products.

What Is The Maximum number of Followers You Can Buy?

On our platform we have a limited number of followers. This is because we do not use any service that is available but only the safe ones. The maximum number of followers you can buy is 100,000. The reason why we have a limited quantity is because that’s the number of accounts that are proved to be safe for long term. This means only for the main package. If we are talking about followers from Ads then that’s a different story. With that method, the number is not limited because those followers come from running ad campaigns. The downside of the method is that all of the followers will be real people which means they can unfollow you anytime they want. So you have to choose between having stable followers that will help your appearance as an artist or as a business, or you can choose real people who might interact with your posts or stories but they could unfollow you at any given time. So nothing is really guaranteed with these sort of followers. We cannot control people’s decision so that’s mainly up to you what you decide.

What Makes Our Website Different From The Rest?

We know that every website you visit you will find texts like this praising their work and telling you how good their product is. But we are different from the rest for many reasons. Usually, we prefer to be close to our clients. We are never tired to talk to you on our Live Chat. We give a lifetime guarantee on our products. We could easily give a 30-day guarantee and get the responsibility out of our soulders but no, we want to be with you until you are satisfied. It doesn’t even matter if it costs us money or not. Clients are our priority! Apart from that, when we choose what we want to sell on our platform we test every service for at least 3 months on different accounts. If they are stable then we publish the products on our site. We try really hard to have consistency on our services. Your image is really important to us so we would hate to cause harm to any of you. That’s why you can be 100% sure that we never sell any service without getting tested for at least 90 days. Usually the interactions are made  on our own accounts and follow them carefully for the mentioned time frame.