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We offer the most customized comments in the market. You can manually choose
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Male or Female Comments


for 10 comments

Choose the gender of the accounts that will comment on your video!

  • Delivery: 12-24 Hours

  • Lifetime Refill Guarantee

  • Custom Comments

  • 7 Different Languages

  • Non-Drop

  • Max: 200 Comments

Most Popular

Mixed YouTube Comments


for 20 comments

This is our basic package. Comments are suitable for any video!

  • Delivery: 12-24 Hours

  • Lifetime Refill Guarantee

  • Custom Comments

  • 7 Different Languages

  • Non-Drop

  • Max: 5,000 Comments

Slow Speed Comments


for 10 comments

Choose the timing yourself. 1 comment every 15 min, 30min, 1 hour or more.

  • Delivery: 15-72 Hours

  • Lifetime Refill Guarantee

  • Custom Comments

  • 7 Different Languages
  • Non-Drop

  • Max: 100 Comments



for 10 replies

Customized comment replies on any existing comment on your video.

  • Delivery: 12-24 Hours

  • Lifetime Refill Guarantee

  • Custom Replies

  • 7 Different Languages

  • Non-Drop

  • Max: 100 Replies

How to Buy YouTube Comments?

Follow the step by step guide below to make your first purchase on our website!
It’s a very easy process that doesn’t require more than 60 seconds.

Why Do People Buy YouTube Comments?

People buy YouTube comments to enhance their online presence. It can help boost their credibility, increase engagement on their videos, and attract more organic viewers and subscribers.

  • 1

    Increased visibility for your channel and videos

  • 2

    Improved credibility of your content, giving viewers a higher trust in you

  • 3

    Better engagement on your videos with more comments that spark conversations

  • 4
    Higher likelihood of your content being recommended by YouTube algorithms, resulting in more views
  • 5

    More potential followers due to increased attention given to the comment section of the video

  • 6
    Get honest feedback on the content you make instead of generic comments
  • 7

    Understand your target audience better through the comments they make

  • 8

    Increased authority on your channel overall

🔥 Special Service 🔥

YouTube Viral Packages are very unique and efficient promotional
services that include everything what YouTube algorithm loves.

YouTube Viral
Basic Package


The Basic package includes the following:

  • 20,000 Views from Ads

  • 100 Real Comments

  • 1,000 Video Likes

  • 35 Comment Replies

  • 350 Likes on Comments

  • Delivery: 24-72 hours

YouTube Viral
Standard Package


The Standard package includes the following:

  • 60,000 Views from Ads

  • 300 Real comments

  • 2,400 Video Likes

  • 80 Comment Replies

  • 850 Likes on Comments

  • Delivery: 48-72 hours

YouTube Viral
Premium Package


The Premium Package includes the following:

  • 100,000 Views from Ads

  • 600 Real Comments

  • 5,000 Video Likes

  • 100 Comment Replies

  • 2.5K Likes on Comments

  • Delivery: 3-5 Days

YouTube Viral
Gold Package


The Gold Package includes the following:

  • 500,000 Views from Ads

  • 1,000 Real Comments

  • 20,000 Video Likes

  • 300 Comment Replies

  • 7.5K Likes on Comments

  • Delivery: 5-10 Days

The Benefits of Buying YouTube Comments for Your Videos

YouTube has become an indispensable platform for people to share their creativity and showcase their talents to the world.

In today’s competitive digital landscape, producing high-quality content isn’t enough to stand out from the crowd.

You need to engage with your audience and encourage them to interact with your videos.

Buying YouTube comments is a smart way to boost your channel’s visibility and appeal to potential viewers.

When you purchase comments, you can increase your video’s engagement and create a sense of community around your brand.

Additionally, YouTube’s algorithm favors videos with more comments, so purchasing comments can help improve your SEO rankings and increase your chance of being seen by new viewers.

How YouTube Comments Can Boost Your Visibility and Engagement

As a content creator, you’re always searching for ways to boost engagement and visibility on your YouTube channel.

While the algorithm might seem daunting, understanding how it works can give you a leg up.

One key factor in boosting your visibility is through comments.

Encouraging your viewers to leave comments on your videos and engaging with them can increase your chances of being recommended by YouTube’s algorithm.

This means more views, more subscribers, and ultimately more success on the platform. So, take the time to understand the algorithm and leverage the power of comments to supercharge your channel’s growth.

The Dos and Don’ts of Buying YouTube Comments

It’s true that comments add a lot of value to your videos.

They not only create an interactive environment but also improve your search engine rankings.

However, buying comments is not always a good idea.

You need to be careful and aware of the dos and don’ts of buying YouTube comments.

For instance, don’t buy comments from a fake account or a low-quality vendor.

Instead, buy youtube comments from trustworthy providers or you can focus on building organic interactions with your audience by creating quality content that resonates with your viewers.

Choosing the Right Provider for Your YouTube Comments

In today’s digital age, YouTube has become one of the largest video sharing platforms, with millions of users worldwide.

As a result, leaving comments on YouTube videos has become an essential part of engaging with others and building a strong online presence.

However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to find the right provider for your YouTube comments.

That’s why the quality of your comments is crucial in this competitive space.

It’s not just about what you say, but how and where you say it.

To take advantage of the immense popularity of YouTube comments, it’s vital to select a provider that truly understands the importance of quality and can help you achieve your goals.

By doing so, you’ll be able to stand out in the crowd and leave a lasting impression on your viewers.

The Impact of YouTube Comments on Your Brand’s Reputation and Authority

With over 2 billion active users visiting YouTube monthly, the influence of YouTube comments on a brand’s authority and credibility cannot be underestimated.

Positive comments can generate a sense of trust, increase engagement, and enhance brand loyalty.

However, negative comments can have the opposite effect and harm your reputation.

That is why it’s essential to monitor and moderate the comments on your brand’s content, respond politely, and take action when necessary.

By fostering a positive environment, you can improve your brand’s reputation and authority on one of the biggest online platforms in the world.

Enhance Your Social Proof Buying YouTube Comments

Enhancing your social proof through buying real YouTube comments can make a game-changing difference.

Real comments can give your channel a sense of authenticity and encourage others to engage with your content.

Not to mention, the more engagement your channel receives, the higher it ranks in YouTube’s algorithm- meaning more exposure for you!

With real comments, you’ll be able to gain feedback, testimonials, and even constructive criticism that can lead to further improvements.

It’s important to prioritize authenticity and build trust with your audience, and real comments can help you achieve just that.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy YouTube Comments

Before you purchase YouTube comments, there are a few essential things you need to know.

Firstly, avoid buying bots or low-quality comments that could harm your channel’s reputation.

Second, make sure the comments you purchase are relevant to your video content and add value to your viewers.

Lastly, consider the potential consequences of buying low quality comments because it can lead to losing the trust of your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is legal but it also depends on the platform you purchase them. If you buy Youtube comments that come from real people, that is fine. But If you buy comments generated by different bots or software that is against YouTube policies.

No. We promote your video to real people and the comments are all genuine opinions. We don't use any software to send comments.

It depends on the amount you purchase and the package you choose. Usually, comments are delivered within 24 hours after the order has been placed.

Yes, all of our services have the option where you can add the custom comments. If you don't add anything then the comments will come from real people.

Yes, you can use emojis and symbols if you want. We support any sort of comments.

Comments work for normal videos and for shorts as well. Just make sure you add the right YouTube link.